Transport Accommodation

Transport :

05th of April –> Deadline for booking buses between airport and accommodation

International Geneva Airport is located at about 44km from Annecy.
Teams will be met there by representatives of the LOC through a welcome desk located at the EXIT FRANCE. For arrivals in Switzerland, groups can easily reach the French exit. Teams will be transported from the French exit of the Geneva airport to their hotel by buses or minibus. The ride is of about 44 km and will last about 55 mn.

A shuttle service from the hôtel to the race village or race site, and back, to take part in any organized activity by the local Committee will be provided.

The LOC propose an additional option “autonomous transport” to every teams. A team can reserve a minibus for 9 people with a sticker flag of his country. To benefit this option, an international driver’s license is mandatory (send it by email). Normal price for this option: 620€ VTA included but the LOC take a part of the cost and propose an advantageous rate at 325€ VTA included. To reserve this option: send email before 31th of March if it’s possible.

Accomodation :

25th of February  –> Pré-registration  (any pre-booked team not coming will be re-invoiced to the federation that booked = 700€ for a team of 3 runners)

15th of May  –> Communication of the final list (with name) of runners whith the « WMRA FINAL ENTRY FORM »

The LOC will pay the accommodation of the teams based on the following:
– for a maximum of 3 runners boys and 3 runners girls per delegation
– for one official for delegation of 3 runners or less, and 2 officials for delegations of 4 runners or more
– for 3 nights (Thursday, Friday and Saturday)

Teams will stay at Annecy and there will be 2 accommodation sites
Site n°1: located 2km north-east of MaXi-Village (lunch, dinner, official ceremony) –> in room of 1 or 2 people
Site n°2 : located 2,5km west of MaXi-Village (lunch, dinner, official ceremony) –> in apartment

If additional people are included in the team, the additional costs will be borne by each country.

The cost for additional Team member (nights) is 70€ for accommodation in a triple or quadruple room, 80€ in double or 100€ in single (price per night and per person), full board accommodation, VAT included.